• Jonathan Shiek

“It’s Been A While, Signing Out Now” MBO Bids Farewell To Cinema-Goers

On 10 May, MBO Cinemas bid farewell to Malaysian cinema-goers on its official Facebook page. This all started from October last year, when MBO Cinemas released an announcement on their social media platforms informing that their theatres will be temporarily closed nationwide. Unfortunately, this dragged on for a little too long, as MCO across the country was prolonged due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sadly, MBO Cinemas could not hold on for any longer and confirmed that their time has come to an end, announcing that GSC owner, PPB Group Bhd had bought over MCAT Box Office Sdn Bhd (MBO) shares in March 2021. Finally, MBO Cinemas decided to bid their farewells on their Facebook with a simple post saying “It’s been a while. Signing out now.”

With that said, the film industry and many other industries have been affected during this pandemic. Many have lost their jobs on a daily basis, while many have also lost their favourite go-to cinema. RIP.

What were your favourite memories or movies watched at MBO Cinemas, let us know!


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