• Jonathan Shiek

Is Washing Your Face In The Shower Bad, Or A Myth?

I know washing your face in the shower is extremely convenient and natural to do so while washing your hair and body. I for one am guilty for doing this! While many debate whether this is a myth, you should still exercise caution.

If you love have a long hot shower, exposing your skin to hot temperatures for a long period may cause irritation that can be damaging to sensitive skin, which will then lead to skin conditions like acne. There’s also bathroom bacteria, some people believe that washing your face in the shower exposes your skin to nasty airborne stuff in your bathroom.

The alleged risk is that hot water dehydrates the skin, the heat from hot water and steam may dilate and burst sensitive blood vessels in the skin, and that the bacteria in the bathroom can increase the risk of infection. But there’s no scientific evidence to support any of these claims,” says Ivy Lee, a board certified dermatologist in California.

Another London-based facialist mentioned that there may even be benefits to washing your face in the shower. “The steam from showers might actually aid in the facial cleansing process. Many facials around the world use steam during the cleansing part of a facial, as it softens the content of pores. This means a cleanse can be more effective,” she said.

Although most skin experts noted that washing your face in the shower probably isn’t going to damage your skin, you should still make sure you’re washing your face with warm water and not hot water. “Moderation is key,” she says. “Washing once or twice daily with warm water and a brief duration is ideal, as hot water can dehydrate the skin and strip the skin of its natural oils.”

So there you have it, where you wash your face is really up to your preference. Just remember to keep your temperature low and duration short!

How do you usually wash your face? At the sink or in the shower?


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