• Jonathan Shiek

Is Miles Morales The New Web-slinging Action Hero?

Sony has just released its brand new PS5 with its incredible specs and features. It’s no wonder they sold out very quickly. Marvel’s Spider-man Miles Morales (Remastered) has quickly become the new celebrity in the console world.

Unlike the PS4 edition, the remastered version has its own set of perks such as crisp details, two graphical modes to play around with running at 60 frames per second running at 4k, and dual senses with adaptive triggers. Talk about heaven for gamers! Aside from the subtle changes, what’s impressive is how well the details of the characters are in the game! There’s no doubt this game feels natural and forthcoming to its players.

Gameplay is set in the neighbourhood of Harlem, New York City. As the new Spider-man, following up to the sequel you will encounter a set of villains prominent in the Spiderman franchise such as Rhino, Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, Venom, and many more. You will learn what it takes to be a ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-man’ with mentorship from Peter Parker.

If you’re into breathtaking gameplay that offers a  unique taste in an open world concept, this will definitely be the game for you. With compelling storylines, cinematic visuals, and if you’ve ever played Batman Arkham Knight the combat scenes will definitely feel nostalgic,with an edge to it. Newcomers should expect to be in awe of the delivery of this game by Insomniac Games.

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