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Is Kombucha Really Good For You?

I think I can say this for a lot of Malaysians, we don’t actually know what Kombucha is even though we see it trending throughout the world. So, what is Kombucha really – It is a fermented, slightly effervescent, usually a sweetened black or green tea drink, also made with SCOBY which stands for “Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast”. You’re technically drinking a living thing! Advocates of the drink swear on the health benefits it gives when drank on a daily basis (1-3 times a day).

Let’s talk about the benefits – Kombucha can help your overall health if drunk consistently, but to be a little more in depth about “health”, it actually improves your immune system. If you’re the type to fall sick very easily or constantly low on energy, you might want to check Kombucha out to strengthen your immune system. 

Other than that, Kombucha is also well-known as a great source of probiotics to improve digestion. It’s a great natural alternative to sugary and soda drinks for people looking to cut down on their sugar intake and incorporate a healthier choice in their diet. Other common benefits include improving mental health and lowering risk of heart disease. Pretty neat!

Credit: Wonderbrew

However, don’t confuse Kombucha with Kefir! People commonly mix both of these up, but Kefir is essentially fermented milk made of kefir grains which is much creamier than Kombucha. For those who are lactose intolerant, you might want to opt for Kumbucha instead!

If you’re like me, just want to grab a drink on the go then I suggest checking Wonderbrew out. They are widely available throughout Klang Valley, you can conveniently get their Kombucha at places like Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Oliver Gourmet, Qra, 7 Eleven, GrabFood, AirAsia Food, cafes & restaurants, or their own website

Wonderbrew kombucha i approve! Sedappppp — Nur Afifah (@NurAfifah) September 20, 2020
Being stuck at home with all these screens got me creating stock photography. Shoutout to my local Kombucha startup at @wonderbrew. Thanks for keeping me energetic throughout the day; and for free next day delivery. Highly recommended 👍 — Nattu 🇲🇻 (@reallynattu) April 8, 2020

Wonderbrew is rated Top 3 Kombucha Brand in Asia and Number 1 Kombucha brand in Malaysia, so they are highly sought after! Besides it’s incredibly aesthetic bottles, you’ll be able to pick from a wide range of flavours to match your taste! I personally enjoyed the Original and Markisa Breeze, but if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to grab a bottle of their seasonal Chinese New Year flavour, Billion Dollar Booch! 

Credit: Wonderbrew

You might actually want to grab a whole pack to try out all their unique flavours, as the ingredients are actually from sustainable sources to support local farmers as well as protect the environment! They’re currently running a buy 10 free 2 promotion (RM129) along with their MCO 2.0 Care Pack (RM70) which comes with 6 different flavours on their website, and a 7 Eleven promotion with an introductory price of ONLY RM8.90 a bottle (usually RM9.90) from 1 Feb until 7 March. 


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