• Jonathan Shiek

Is it really good to trim your nose hair?

We’ve all wondered if the ‘bush’ is really worth paying attention to. (Don’t be cheeky-we’re talking about those fine strands underneath your noses.

Some of us have even been lucky enough to witness  our peers and even our grandfathers holding the scissors firmly, correcting angles along with a mirror, classic.

Before diving in on the benefits we should know that  humans have two kinds of nose hair which are called ‘vibrissae’ which are those protruding strands, and ‘cilia’ is what the smaller shy one is called.

Think of vibrissae as the hulk when it comes to nose health, preventing germs and particles from reaching our digestive system. Plucking should never be ideal because it can be the doorway for infections. Cilia filters mucus from the back of our nose which leads to our stomach – talk about Nickelodeon!

Surprisingly, there are numerous benefits to keeping those strands intact. Nose hair is one of the holy grails for our body helping us breathe fresh oxygen while filtering out dirt, bacteria, and toxins. It works like a humidifier and makes sure the air we breathe protects our respiratory system from drying out. Breathe in deep and feel the fresh air coming in.

Overall speaking, trimming your nose hair would be ideal if those wild strands start making you look like the Lorax. Be sure to invest in the right types of equipment ensuring a smooth trim.


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