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Introducing Julien Baker And Her Latest Album ‘Little Oblivions’

At just 25 years of age, American singer-songwriter Julien Baker already has three albums under her name, all of which have received widespread critical acclaim. 

Having already achieved popularity in the independent music industry, Baker is also known for being one third of the indie rock band Boygenius, alongside fellow musicians Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus.

Left to right: Bridgers, Baker and Dacus. Credits: Rolling Stone

Together, they have released a self-titled debut EP, which was made by an all-women team and produced in just four days – Talk about girl power! Not only that, the record even went on to receive universal acclaim from critics and listeners all around. 

In many ways, Baker’s third studio album ‘Little Oblivions’ can be seen as an extension of this legacy. Having been released just two weeks ago on February 26, 2021, the album was immediately met with praise from various music critics, including a score of 85% from Metacritic and four out of five stars from Rolling Stone.

Compared to her last two albums, Baker’s latest album is said to be a departure from her signature acoustic indie folk vibe and instead features a more electronic sound, which is evident in tracks like ‘Repeat’. 

Unlike the previous albums, ‘Little Oblivions’ also features more instruments for a full band sound. But one thing that stays the same is how being the multi-instrumentalist she is, Baker still plays almost all the instruments featured on the album by herself.

Despite the changes in sound in the latest album, Baker’s vocals and lyrics continue to resonate with her audience. If anything, ‘Little Oblivions’ is a record for introspection and perfect proof that Baker can truly make magic out of music. 

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