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Introducing Bars: Facebook’s New App That Lets You Rap Over Pre-made Beats

Now here is a new app for all the budding SoundCloud rappers out there who struggle with producing an original beat. Facebook is launching a new app called Bars which will let users post and share videos of them rapping over pre-recorded beats.

According to Bars, the app promises to deliver professionally made beats where users will get to enjoy “studio quality vocal effects” that include actual AutoTune features.

Credits: Engadget

Similar to TikTok, users will have up to 60 seconds to record a rap video using one of the beats provided in the app. Videos that are posted will appear on the feed where users can watch the video and instead of liking, they can mark it as “fire”.

Upon signing up for Bars, users will have the chance to identify their level of expertise between beginner, intermediate or advanced, based on their years of experience in rapping.

Credits: Press Reality

Beginners will get to enjoy the app’s auto-rhyme dictionary feature while rappers in the advanced level can experiment with the app’s “Freestyle mode” that gives you eight random words to work into a 16-bar off-the-cuff rap.

For now, Bars is only available on iOS although the app seems to currently be in closed beta. With that said, you can still sign up to secure your username and wait for the app to open up so you can start dropping some bars.


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