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Interviewer Calls Out And Rejects Malaysian Fresh Grad’s Job Application For Being Rude

There has been screenshots of a conversation between a fresh grad and an interviewer of a digital marketing agency, Wolves Digital, that went viral on social media, because the fresh grad had a stuck up attitude. I can’t stress enough how important it is for people to be humble and practice good manners, especially if you’re trying job searching.

The Facebook user that uploaded the screenshots was the sister of the recruiter. The applicant seemed to be interested in the position of senior content creator at Wolves Digital and inquired about the salary and whether he could “work on flexi hour”. It made sense for the interviewer to request for the applicant’s portfolio and curriculum vitae, however the applicant did not possess those files and offered to show his FYP (Final Year Project).

Things went downhill from there, when the interviewer asked what FYP stands for, the applicant questioned the recruiter whether he went to university. The applicant even insisted that the recruiter answered his first question, “How much is the salary and can I work on flexi hour” to see if this job “meets his/her expectation or not”. The audacity!

The recruiter had enough of the rudeness and decided to call out the applicant: “I’ll be honest with you. I’m the interviewer here and I’m the co-founder of the company and I wish you the best in looking for a job. You’ll need to go through intensive character development before you can even be accepted in the industry.” Even with the embarrassing rejection, the applicant replied with a “kthx”.

What would you have said to the applicant if you were the interviewer?


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