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Interstate And International Travel Restrictions Lifted For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

Credit: Wall Street Journal

On 10 October, PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that interstate and international travel restrictions will be lifted on Monday (11 October) for residents in Malaysia who are fully vaccinated. He added that the government agreed to allow fully vaccinated Malaysians to travel overseas without applying for permission.

As the country is preparing to shift into an endemic phase, the government will not be imposing any wide lockdowns again if cases rise. "We have to train ourselves to live with COVID, because COVID may not be eliminated fully," he said.

On the other hand, the Sabah state government said that it will decide whether to lift restrictions on interstate travel in a meeting on Wednesday, as the state's adult population has yet to reach 90% of the adult population vaccination rate. That said, almost 65% of Malaysia's 32 million population, including youths aged 12 to 17, were fully vaccinated as of Saturday (9 October).

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