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Internet Trolls Misuse Sambal SOS App To Promote Prostitution And Ask For iPhones

Just last week, we wrote about how a group of Malaysian students managed to develop the Bendera Putih/Sambal SOS mobile app to provide a platform where people in need can call for help, while those who wish to help can know where to help out. Sadly, some people just have to remind us that not everyone deserves nice things.

As the app allows people to send messages for help to the public, Twitter user @lynfunkstar noticed that some trolls were misusing the feature to write spam messages and fake calls for help. In two screenshots shown, a spammer pretended to be a pimp promoting prostitution services while another boldly requested for an iPhone 12 Pro Max for his son.

Can we please not fuck up a good thing — azlynbalqis (@lynfunkstar) July 11, 2021

Although there’s no way to report these spammers on the newly developed app, many Twitter users have came up with great ideas to take down these trolls. One effective way is to screenshot these messages and report them to’s Telegram, where the admins will remove the users.

Credits: Reza Razali (Twitter)

It’s frustrating to see such an amazing initiative being abused by internet trolls who can’t seem to stand seeing others enjoying nice things without attempting to sabotage it. But if there’s one way to beat spammers at their own game, it’s by signing up their phone number for all kinds of marketing emails so they’ll get a taste of their own medicine.


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