• Jonathan Shiek

International Women’s Day Theme, #ChooseToChallenge

A worldwide challenge has been made viral all over social media with the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge to challenge gender bias and gender inequality. In light of the International Women’s Day, all of us at New Attention decided to challenge all of you guys to do the same! There will be a video up on 8 March itself, so do stay tuned to that!

Let’s choose to challenge, celebrating women’s achievements, and create an inclusive world. Plenty of individuals and organizations are starting this trend for the entire month of March by sending in their #ChooseToChallenge images on social media.

All gender identities are welcomed! So, hand up high to show that you are in, and call out inequality!

Sheroes with big smiles #ChooseToChallenge — Sally Brown🌷 (@officielsalome) March 4, 2021
In support of the #IWD2021, I have decided to strike the #ChooseToChallenge pose to show my commitment in challenging inequality in our society. #HerStoryOurStoryNG. @HerStoryOSNG. — Sehinde Owoeye (@SehindeOwoeye) March 4, 2021
International Woman’s Day is a special day but this year it’s a powerful day … it’s a call to action and a reminder we still have a long way to go #ChooseToChallenge — emma carey 💙 (@EmmacareyEmma) March 2, 2021


#ChooseToChallenge #genderbias #genderequality #IWD2021

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