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International Food Portal Ranked Sarawak Laksa As The Best Asian Food

Food can be pretty subjective, especially when you're ranking foods that don't originate from your country. On 26 September, an international food portal, Taste Atlas which is known to regularly create global food lists shared a graphic showing the best-rated foods around Asia.

The rankings were apparently based off the feedback of their audience, so it isn't based off one person's subjective opinion on food. And guess what, Malaysia's Sarawak Laksa came out on top with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5! Following closely behind at 4.7 is Tahchin from Iran and Nabemono from Japan at 4.6.

At the bottom tier under "Worst", is Baingan Bharta from Iran at 2.4, Zensai from Japan at 2.4, and Balut from Philippines at 2.7. The Instagram post got a lot of heat because of the rankings, one of the commenters said "Y'all think it's f***ed up that you call other people's food culture 'the worst'?"

Despite the backlash from the food rankings, it must be noted that the rankings are predicated on user ratings that would change on a daily basis.


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