• Jonathan Shiek

Intel i7 vs Apple M1: Fact or Fiction?

Intel has finally come out of hiding and has begun taking jabs at Apple. Recently, Intel released their benchmark results for the 11th gen Core i7-1185G7 stating that their new chipset edges out Apple in every aspect, that being: performance, battery life, speed and more.

In terms of speed, Intel has indeed edged out Apple as the intel chipset through a PowerPoint to PDF test. Yes I know. that is actually the test that was ran to benchmark the speeds of both chipsets, however, it was necessary to ascertain which chip could run faster.

With regards to AI capabilities, a content creation test was administered converting a 4K AVC-to-HEVC/H.265 along with Topaz Lab’s Gigapixel AI and Denoise AI for noise removal and enlargement. In both instances, the Intel chip came out on top but the disparity in the video conversion test was so great that it is rather embarrassing for the M1.

Now for the fun part: gaming. Let’s face it, MacBook’s are not really made for gaming but that didn’t stop Intel from running the test anyway. Intel tested upwards of 10 games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Crysis Remastered, PUBG and Red Dead Redemption 2. Unsurprisingly, Intel came out on top in all gaming categories.

With battery life, both chipsets fell even. The MacBook Air was faced against the Acer Swift 5 with the Core i7 where the MacBook lasted for 10 hours and 12 minutes and the Acer Swift lasted 10 hours and 6 minutes. In terms of the variables, Intel streamed Netflix with multiple tabs open on Safari with a brightness of 250 nits on the MacBook. On the Acer, Chrome was used instead with the same brightness and apps opened.

All in all, it is safe to say that Intel’s claims are not farfetched. The tests speak for themselves however, the battery life test leaves much to be desired as other variables could be considered such as a different laptop using the same i7 chipset and multiple programs running at once. Plus there are rumors that the data could be cherry picked.


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