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Instagram Store Sells Miniature Malaysian Childhood Snacks And They Are Adorable!

Most of us grew up with the same childhood snacks, and what better way to remind ourselves of the good old days than collect miniature versions of the snacks! These handmade miniature childhood snacks are being sold by Instagram store, 1/12 Space ( which specialises in handmade miniature food and fruits.

Credit: 1/12 Space Instagram

What’s even more nostalgic about the Malaysia snacks collection is that they come in the iconic red lid containers that you’ll usually see during festive seasons and the usual clear packets. Currently, the store offers 4 different childhood snacks which includes the Golden fish biscuits, Keropok Roda, Kuih Kapit, and the colourful ice gem biscuits!

Credit: 1/12 Space Instagram

If you’re into collecting little trinkets, 1/12 Space sells keychains and earrings in the childhood snacks collection. Now, you’ll be able to show off your favourite Malaysian snack, whether it’s hung on your bag or dangling from your earlobe. The handmade items can now be purchased from their Shopee store, you can also expect to see other cute miniature trinkets besides the Malaysian snacks.


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