• Jonathan Shiek

Instagram May Still Be Working On A Feature That Lets Users Hide “Likes”

Nowadays, people on social media are so fixated on the amount of likes they get on a post just to get validation from strangers or people who don’t matter. Well, Instagram has been working on a feature back in 2019 to allow users to hide the like count on their posts.

We still don’t know if Instagram will be continuing the test or if they are going to scrape the idea off, as “likes” are still very much a thing. However, there are rumours stating that the Facebook-owned company is trying out a “global test” to involve selected users having 3 options for their like counts:

  1. Like counts hidden on anyone’s post on your feed

  2. Like counts hidden on your profile

  3. Keep like counts as per usual

Meanwhile, there were other rumours that revealed that Facebook may adopt a similar idea, although we don’t have any information on that yet. In my opinion, I feel like it’s a good idea to have this option, users can pick to continue showing the like count especially for business and creator accounts but for those who don’t wish to show the “likes”, they can opt to hide them.

What do you think? Would you continue to show your like count or hide them?



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