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Instagram Launches New Feature To Combat Predators

In the constant battle to make social media safer for everyone, Instagram has launched a new feature specifically with the intentions of protecting underage users from any harassment on the social media platform.

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The new feature will disallow anyone over the age of 18 to send DM’s to anyone below, as long as both users does not follow each other. In addition to that, Instagram will also start sending safety alerts to users under 18 in an attempt to promote practicing caution when dealing with adults that are already on their follower list. These alerts will also help those who are under 18 identify what suspicious behaviors could potentially look like.

Considering that there are still many users who register their Instagram account with a fake age, Instagram is currently developing a new artificial intelligence system that is capable of accurately identifying the real age of users. Although users only need to be aged 13 before they can register their accounts, Instagram has found that many users under the age of 13 has been using it as well.

In addition to all of these measures, the social media giant will also be removing underage accounts from appearing in the Suggested Users section of the app while also blocking content from teen users in Reels and Explore.

All these measures does seem like a step in the right direction for making social media platforms safer for everyone, but I wonder if Instagram will be increasing the minimum age for creating an account from 13 to say 16?


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