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Instagram Is Testing 3 Different Views, 2 Of Which Allows Users To See Posts Chronologically

While Instagram users have been wanting the social media platform to bring back the chronological feed since the company replaced it with an algorithmically-driven feed in 2016. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram revealed on a Twitter post that the company is currently testing out the chronological feed again.

Mosseri revealed that users may soon be able to switch between 3 different views on the home screen, 2 of which would give you the option to see posts in a chronological order. Twitter user, Hammod Oh shared a video on how the 3 feeds would work on the app. Users will be able to press "Home" on the top left corner of the screen to switch between "Home", "Following", and "Favourites".

According to Mosseri, the "Home" feature will be the regular algorithmically-driven feed where the app will rank content based on users' interest in each and every post "to try and make the most of your time". The "Favourites" option lets you curate and add your close friends, family, and people you want to keep up with the most.

Finally, the third option "Following", is the regular chronological feed with posts from accounts you follow. “We think it’s important that you can get to a chronological feed, if you’re interested, quickly, and see the latest that has been posted by the accounts that you follow,” Mosseri said.

What do you think about Instagram's update plans?


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