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Instagram Is Introducing "Private Story Likes" For Users To Like Stories Without Sending DMs

Credit: New York Magazine

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has yet again announced a new feature that should be coming to users soon. The feature called "Private Story Likes" will allow users to 'like' people's stories without sending them DMs, which may clog their DM section.

Currently, users are only able to send reactions to people's stories which includes popular emojis like the heart eyes, cry-laughing, 100, and the sad face. These reactions will then be sent to DMs and get filled up with just reaction notifications.

“So now, as you go through Stories, between send message and that little paper airplane, there will be a heart icon. And if you tap on it, it’ll send the author of that story a like, and that like will show up in the viewer sheet, not in your DM thread with them. The idea here is to make sure that people can express more support for each other, but also clean up DMs a little bit,” Mosseri said.

While we don't know how it would look like when your Stories get likes, you can see those who left a like on your Stories based on Story's "view sheet". What are your thoughts on the new feature?


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