• Jonathan Shiek

Instagram Influencer Murders Mother In Cold Blood

A 21-year-old Instagram influencer stabs her 40-year-old mother in cold-blood and proceeds to cut her heart, lungs, and intestines while the mother was still alive. The suspect who goes by Anna Leikovic from Moldova had just graduated medical school and had a large following on her Instagram.

It was reported Anna Leikovic used a kitchen knife to stab her. After her murder, Anna took a shower to go see her boyfriend in Comrat, Moldova. According to reports, her mother was away and had just gotten back from Germany. She found out the drugs Anna had been taking and tried to check her in rehab which infuriated the 21-year-old.

Taken to court, a journalist asked if she was guilty, she laughed and said goodbye. Her behavior shows no remorse lying down in the dock and cleaning her nails before she decides to stand on top of a bench when the judge enters the court.

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