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Instagram Announces The Launch Of Two New Features, "Rage Shake” And Carousel Deletion

If you've got a problem with Instagram's app, you will soon be able to "rage shake". Instagram Head of Product Adam Mosseri announced that there will be 2 new features coming to the social media app.

According to Mosseri's announcement on Twitter, the carousel deletion will only be available on IOS devices as of now, and the "rage shake" feature will currently only be available for US users - Malaysians will have to wait. Instagram users have been waiting for the carousel deletion function for a long time now, which allows a user to delete a specific photo without deleting the entire photo carousel.

To use the function, users will need to tap on the 3 dots menu and select edit, you will then swipe to the photo you'd like to delete and press the remove icon. As for the "rage shake", the feature allows users to report a problem by shaking their phone while having the app open. A prompt will then pop-up on the screen asking "Did something go wrong?" with a space for users to report an issue.

This new feature will help give prompt feedback to the Instagram team to prioritise bug fixes. You can explain exactly what happened, how you ended up in that place, and all of the emotions and feels that you’ve got going on, and we’ll have someone take a look at it,” Mosseri said.


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