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Insensitive YouTubers Poke Fun at SHINee’s Jonghyun’s Suicide

K-pop fans are up in arms once again after YouTubers Keemstar and rapper Void released a video titled ‘KPOP STANS DISSTRACK ft. KEEMSTAR (Official Music Video)’ a few days ago. Now the title of the video itself was nothing to rage about, but the contents of the video was what landed the YouTubers in hot water.

Credits: HYPE

In the video, the two tasteless YouTubers used SHINee’s Jonghyun’s funeral in 2017 as an outlet to mock the industry. They even went so far as to sing the lines, “I wonder why (lately) they all (commit) suicide”. If that wasn’t bad enough, he went on to rap “F**k Jimin, I’ll say what I wanna” while accidentally using a photo of Jungkook from BTS’s picture instead.

Credits: HYPE

The diss track also pokes fun at the genre in whole claiming that it is is for exciting little kids and old men with the line “Little girls, old men, they got a new kink”.

K-pop fans are generally very sensitive and one could argue that Keemstar and Void released such a track to gain more publicity and clout, but if that is the case, I do believe that there are other ways that it can be done without having to poke fun at someone’s suicide.

Since the video went up, K-pop fans all over YouTube has flagged and reported the video as hateful content. They didn’t refrain from sharing their thoughts on the videos comment section either (give hate, get hate).

Credits: HYPE

Credits: HYPE

In response to all the backlash, Keemstar issued and ‘apology’ on Twitter which honestly was really quite the opposite resulting in further hate towards him.

I accept your apology #KpopStans ! — KEEM 🍿 (@KEEMSTAR) March 25, 2021

Honestly, it is really pathetic to poke fun at something you clearly don’t understand and at the same time, not making the effort to understand. That said, if you want to do so for the sake of getting a few likes here and there, by all means but when you start using someone’s suicide as a means to get views (Logan Paul ahem), it really shows how much of a scumbag you really are.

So do yourselves a favor, rather than creating hate and malice try spreading some love and positivity instead. I trust you will make you feel a lot better as well.


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