• Jonathan Shiek

Innovative Indonesian Man Is Offering Free “Wake Up Services” For Sahur

If you’re the type to sleep through all your alarms and live alone but you need to get up for Sahur, here’s an amazing solution for you! There’s been images of a banner going around social media, showing a young Indonesian man promoting his “sahur wake-up services” through phone calls.

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The free wake-up service by Khoirul Anam is specially catered for single people who live alone, to get up for sahur and perform fasting perfectly. According to Tribunnews, Khoirul posted the service on his Instagram feed (@anam_chenel) which has gone viral and managed to garner 11 customers on the first day! That’s pretty impressive!

Unfortunately, out of 11 people he called, only 3 of them picked up their phones. “I startled 11 people, but only three woke up. But it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that I have tried.” Khoirul explained that he will get ready from 2am until the time of imsak to call up his customers and wake them up in time for sahur.

What’s cute is that the hardworking man also offers to break fast with customers who are alone. I love this effort so much!


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