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Innisfree Accused Of Disguising Plastic Bottle As Paper Bottle

We’re all familiar with the saying “nothing is as it seems”, but this incident involving popular Korean beauty brand Innisfree definitely takes the cake. The company was recently accused of deceiving their customers by disguising a plastic bottle with paper and marketing it as eco-friendly packaging.

According to the Korea Herald, an unnamed Innisfree customer was disappointed to discover the brand’s facial serum that came in a “paper bottle” packaging was simply a plastic bottle covered with a paper shell. The customer has since filed an official complaint to a consumer’s association over the problem.

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She also took to Facebook’s No Plastic Shopping group where she shared screenshots of her complaint as well as photos of the “paper bottle” that was cut opened, saying she felt “betrayed” by the company’s eco-conscious claims.

But netizens are probably used to these greenwashing capitalistic gimmicks by now as most of the comments simply stated that Innisfree is the latest company to jump on board this marketing “trend”.

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Innisfree has apologised for the incident and even acknowledged how its “Hello, I’m Paper Bottle” label may have been misleading to customers.

“We used the term ‘paper bottle’ to explain the role of the paper label surrounding the bottle. We overlooked the possibility that the naming could mislead people to think the whole packaging is made of paper. We apologise for failing to deliver information in a precise way,” said Innisfree in a statement quoted by The Korea Herald.

Despite the greenwashing accusations, the Korean beauty brand explained that their clear plastic bottle is recyclable and uses 51.8% less plastic than conventional packaging.

But this explanation by Innisfree seems more like a weak attempt at damage control, as the customer who first exposed this incident even told the Korea Herald that she found Innisfree’s response to be “insufficient”. Instead, she said the company could have used clearer terms such as “half plastic” or “light on plastic” to avoid any misunderstanding.

Do you agree with the customer or do you think it was an honest mistake from Innisfree? Let us know your opinion!


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