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Indonesian Woman Was A Bride For Only A Day After Discovering Her Groom Is Attracted To Men

Credit: Ini Kepri

It is advised to get to know someone thoroughly before deciding to tie the knot. Sadly, this Indonesian woman had the opportunity to experience being a bride, but only for a day.

Unfortunately, the wedding was cancelled after the bride found out that her groom is attracted to men. “Proposed like a queen, crushed like dust,” the woman captioned her private TikTok post.

What triggered her suspicion was during their first night of the wedding, her husband refused to share the same bed with her. The Indonesian woman revealed the screenshots of a conversation between her husband and his male partner. She was convinced that she was used as a cover-up" of his sexual orientation. “It’s over. He doesn’t love me, he loves him.”

Before she made her account private, she received multiple comments from netizens, expressing their emotional support for her. Meanwhile, the woman from Jakarta also received support from her parents, asking her to be strong and have faith.

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