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Indonesian Teen Sells Dad’s Motorbike To Buy Plane Tickets To Meet Online Crush

How far would you go for a crush? A teenager in Indonesia is risking it all by going against her family and sneaking to the airport, all for a boy she met through an online game called Free Fire. And the worst part is, her crush was completely one-sided!

According to Tribun News, the teenage girl secretly sold her father’s motorcycle for 20 million rupiahs (RM5,785) in order to afford plane tickets to Jakarta to meet the love of her life, only for the boy to reject her by saying that he didn’t want to meet her – now that’s just cold.

Upon realising this painful truth, the poor girl broke down crying at the airport and had to be comforted by an airport salesperson. When asked about what had happened, the girl revealed the full story to the salesperson and expressed her disappointment in not being able to meet the boy.

Apparently, the teenage girl was hell-bent on flying to Jakarta to meet her online crush but thankfully, her family managed to stop her in the airport after they saw photos of her on the internet.

Hopefully, the girl is alright now. Though someone should really comfort her and remind her that any boy who is willing to let a teenage girl risk her safety to meet him and straight up reject her without feeling sorry, is definitely not worth crying for.


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