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Indonesian Plane Boeing 737 Crashed With 56 Passengers On Board

An Indonesian plane from Sriwijaya Air, Boeing 737-524 crashed shortly after departing from Jakarta into the sea near Pulau Laki and Pulau Lancang. Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 has a capacity of about 130 people, and was unfortunately carrying 56 passengers and 6 crew members. It was reported that 40 were adults, 7 were children, and 3 were infants. It was also added that there were no Malaysians on flight, all 62 people on board were Indonesian.

According to the New York Times, Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency found pieces of debris in waters just northwest of Jakarta. Furthermore, BBC reported that several witnesses seen and heard an explosion. An update came in this morning, whereby divers are searching for the black boxes from the Indonesian plane wreckage. The black boxes could offer crucial clues as to why the Sriwijaya plane plunged into the sea.

Credit: flightradar24 Twitter

So far, investigators offered little to explain why the Indonesian plane crashed about four minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, but said on Sunday that they had pinpointed the location of the black boxes and expected to retrieve it by today.

Our hearts go out to all of the victims’ family and loved ones. We hope the authorities manage to find out what caused the plane to crash several minutes after takeoff. — Rae¹²⁷↺ᵛ (@JAEMJSCITY) January 9, 2021
#Update on #SJ182 : #RescueOperation continues, as it is being reported that the two Black Boxes have been located underwater. These will be crucial for the investigation. Pic credits:AFP#PrayForSriwijayaAir#SriwijayaAir #B737 #Indonesia #planecrash #AvGeek #aviation #RIPSJ182 — Pratham Yadahalli (@prathampy) January 10, 2021

Sources: SAYS, NST

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