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Indonesian Man Waits 50 Years in Hopes of Reuniting With His Long Lost Lover

Simple Plan once sang a song titled “I Can Wait Forever” and I honestly cant think of a better song that encapsulates Pak Arifin’s story.

Twitter user Sipitdikit posted a heartwarming story about a man on a mission to be reunited with his loved one. The story follows our protagonist, Pak Arifin who was separated from his lover back in the 70’s due to a political incident that occurred in Malang. They promised each other that they will reunite once the political unrest has been laid to rest and he has been waiting ever since.

"Kisah seorang pria dengan ketulusan cintanya" ~sebuah utas — Sipitdikit (@adiphpin) February 9, 2021

Under the patio of a shop he waited…for his lover who never showed.

Considering most circumstances, any person would probably give up after a year… max. But Pak Arifin is no ordinary man. His loyalty alone drove him to that patio till the day he died (2017). Sadly, his death seemed to have come prematurely as he was found lying on the sidewalk with signs that he was hit by something.

Though he was never reunited with his lover in life, I still hope that in his afterlife, he finds a way to meet her. Pak Arifin’s story serves a testament to loyalty above everything else and that we should value it.


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