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Indonesian Man Rode 236km To Meet His Crush From Mobile Legends, But She Rejected Him

A few months ago, an Indonesian teen was revealed to have sold her dad’s motorcycle for plane tickets to meet her online crush, only for him to reject her. And now, the same thing is happening to a fellow Indonesian man who got rejected by his online crush, even after he travelled 236km to meet her.

Apparently, the man met his crush through the popular online game, Mobile Legends. Believing that what they had was special, the man decided to ride his motorbike for 236km from Pekanbaru all the way to Padang Panjang, just so he could meet the woman.

Sadly, his love wasn’t reciprocated by his crush, who coldly rejected him. Unable to come to terms with this, the man broke down crying in front of a shop in Kota Padang Pajang. The worst part is, his heartbreak was caught on camera and shared online, where the video quickly went viral.

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In the video, a woman can be heard asking the poor man “Did she call you a bad guy? Has she turned down your love?”, to which he replied “yes” while nodding his head. Luckily, the man was comforted by the small crowd around him who were kind enough to offer him a drink as well.

Hopefully, the man feels better soon and will get to meet someone better, but preferably in real life this time and not on a mobile game.


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