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Indonesian Man Received 14 Covid-19 Vaccine Shots On Behalf Of Anti-Vaxxers Who Wants Vaccine Certs

While most countries around the world now require people to have a vaccination certificate to travel or to just go out, anti-vaxxers are starting to find ways to go around the system. Recently, a man from South Sulawesi, Indonesia claimed that he received 16 Covid-19 vaccine shots in total including his 2 doses.

Apparently, he took all the jabs on behalf of people who were hesitant to take their own vaccines. The Indonesian man was paid between 100,000 and 800,000 Indonesian Rupiah (RM29-RM234) per shot by these people who wanted their vaccination certificates without getting the vaccines jabs.

The questionable claims made are currently being investigated by local police and the Indonesian Health Ministry, who are deciding whether or not to prosecute Rahim under the Indonesian Infectious Disease Law. According to Indonesian epidemiologist Dicky Budiman, he said the claims were not surprising, as vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccine mentality still exists in the country in significant numbers.

Sadly, only 41% of Indonesian citizens have had both their doses, so it isn't a surprise if they are hesitant to take the booster shot.


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