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Indonesian Man Goes Viral On Twitter After Marrying His Rice Cooker

We understand the saying "rice is life", but this Indonesian man took it too literally by marrying his rice cooker! The man's "wedding ceremony" to the electrical appliance went viral on social media after he shared a bunch of pictures of him dressed up in a fully white wedding attire, while the rice cooker was decorated with a bride's veil.

What's even more interesting was his tweet accompanying the pictures, "white, doesn't speak much, good at cooking, super perfect" with an emoji surrounded by hearts. The Indonesian man also posted a picture of him sharing a kiss with the rice cooker, while another showed him signing marriage papers at a registration table along with his "bride".

Honestly, we don't know whether he was just trolling or the whole incident on his Twitter actually happened. That said, this wasn't the most bizarre wedding news we've heard. Previously, a Japanese man married one of the most popular cyber celebrity/ hologram called Hatsune Miku, which went viral on plenty of news sites.

What was the craziest wedding news you've heard before?


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