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Indonesian Islamic Site Says Women Shouldn't Wear Bras Because They're 'A Source Of Deceit'

An Islamic education website in Indonesia is receiving backlash for telling women to forgo wearing bras as they are dishonest and un-Islamic. Although the articles, which were published on 29 August, have been taken down, the content is quickly going viral, most likely due to the outrageous claims.

According to Coconuts Jakarta, the Indonesian portal allegedly claimed that wearing a bra "accentuates the shape of the breasts, making women appear younger and, as such, making them a source of deceit.”

Therefore, the article suggested that women should be "forbidden from wearing bras in front of men who are not their mahram (an unmarriable family member)." The same rule is also said to apply to women during ta’aruf (meeting a prospective partner before marriage).

However, the website also clarified that women shouldn't be going around braless either as another article urged women to dress modestly to cover their bodies, especially their curves, and to reveal only their face and hands. This message is later reiterated by the Indonesian Ulama Council's (MUI) Fatwa Department chairman Afifuddin Muhajir.


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