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Indonesian Influencer Upcycles Indomie Packets Into the Unlikeliest of Items

We all know what recycling is right? But have you heard of upcycling? Well upcycling is the art of transforming ‘trash’ into something that is of artistic value.

If you still have trouble grasping the concept of upcycling, perhaps Putri can be of assistance. This talented Instagram icon recently gained mass media popularity for crafting a bomber jacket using discarded Indomie packagings.

Credits: puterisamboda (Instagram)

Credits: puterisamboda (Instagram)

I trust that you don’t need any introduction to what Indomie is? (literally the greatest instant noodle in the world). Well it seems that Putri shares that thought.

But that’s not all though, she also makes other clothing pieces out of everyday waste products such as a jacket made out of flour packaging and a McDonald’s handbag.

Credits: puterisamboda (Instagram)

You can see all of her masterpieces via her Instagram page, where she also claims that she upcycles for fun.

Oh and here’s a fun fact about the Indomie jacket, it IS waterproof (What?!). Oh and I’m not done just yet. Putri also decided to make the jacket reversible in case you get too much unwanted attention. Functional and fashionable!

Credits: puterisamboda (Instagram)

Unfortunately, Putri has no intentions of selling her marvelous creations JUST yet but she has teased on her Instagram that she might do so.

Credits: puterisamboda (Instagram)

Would you buy an Indomie jacket if she decodes to sell it?


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