• Jonathan Shiek

Indonesian Fully Booked An Entire Flight To Avoid Covid-19

We’ve heard some pretty outrageous Covid-19 prevention tactics, but this is the cherry on top! One man travelling from Jakarta took it to another level by fully booking a flight to Bali just to protect him and his wife from the Covid-19 virus. How romantic… and expensive!

Credit: Detik

The man posted on his Instagram stories on 4 January, sitting in a completely empty flight! He captioned one of the stories with “After I’d book as many seats as possible it was still cheaper than chattering a private jet, that’s the trick fellas. #lifehacks”. The Jakarta man goes by Richard Muljadi, apparently a famous socialite in Jakarta.

However, the airline mentioned that Muljadi’s booking was only confirmed for 2 passengers, contradicting his claim in his stories. An entire flight would cost him about $7,895 (IDR110 million), which is 12 business class seats and 150 economy class seats.

Going an extra length to protect themselves!

Source: Mashable SEA

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