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India Suspended Internet Services In 16 Districts For 12 Hours To Prevent Cheating In Online Exams

Credits: The Indian Express

Imagine trying to enjoy watching Netflix at home, only to discover your internet has been suspended, not because you forgot to pay the bill, but because students across the country are sitting for their online exams. Yes, that was an actual thing that happened in India over the weekend.

According to IndiaTV, the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan suspended their mobile internet services in 16 districts for 12 hours to prevent students from cheating during exams. Among the services affected include anything along the lines of WhatsApp to Facebook, social media apps and even SMS.

Basically, the only services that were available during that time were regular phone calls and landline broadband. As a result, many e-businesses in the area reportedly suffered huge losses while other students who weren't sitting for the exam were unable to attend their online lessons.

But due to the highly competitive nature of the REET (Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers) exam, which had over 1,600 000 students competing for just 31,000 teacher posts in government schools, suspending the internet seemed to be deemed necessary in order to ensure fair competition among all the candidates.


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