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IKEA Singapore Releases New Charcoal Hotdogs That Contains Cheese In It

Credit: Mothership SG

IKEA Singapore just launched its new charcoal cheese hotdog on 1 November, and it appears that the special black hotdog will only be on sale for a month. The thing that has gotten people raving about it is the hotdog's length - And no we don't mean it in a sensual way.

Unlike usual hotdogs which are usually clasped nicely in a bun, the new IKEA charcoal hotdog sticks out of the bun from both ends. The pitch black hotdogs with gooey black cheese can be bought at any IKEAs in Singapore for S$2 (about RM6).

Apparently, this wasn't the first time IKEA released this sort of dish. Back in 2016, IKEA Japan also sold a similar dish that contained edible bamboo charcoal, which the company also claimed to have detox properties.

We don't know if the hotdog is any good, but Singaporean media site Mothership gave their final verdict on the special black dish, and mentioned that it was more worth it to get 2 regular IKEA hotdogs that would cost the same. What do you think about the charcoal cheese hotdog?


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