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IKEA Partners With Asus' ROG To Introduce High-Performance Gaming Furniture & Accessories

Good news gamers! IKEA is partnering with Asus Republic Of Gamers (ROG) to introduce its first ever IKEA gaming setup! The new range includes gaming desks, gaming chairs, and accessories that combine high-performance, great ergonomics, and aesthetically pleasing looks!

Other gaming setups that you could look forward to includes mouse bungee, headset stand, neck pillow, and ring light. The perfect add-ons that will help you get the most out of your battlestation. "Products that offer better ergonomics help gamers excel at what they do without wearing out their bodies – become better athletes, basically," quote Jon Karlsson, a designer at IKEA.

As for their ergonomic gaming chair, IKEA mentioned in its teaser video that it was designed with a "lockable tilt function for stability and control" while the gaming table was said to "hide everything you hate to see and see everything you love". Sleek, sharp, and functional!

Currently on IKEA's website, it mentioned that the new range will be coming soon in November, but there are no exact dates teased as of writing.

Check out the full teaser video for the gaming setup here:


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