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IKEA Malaysia Introduces New Vegetarian Menu With Plant-Based Burger & Schnitzel

Credits: Mohd Faiz bin Abdul Manan

While Swedish meatballs and Malaysian curry puffs may be the most popular food on IKEA's menu, vegetarians can finally look forward to dining at IKEA Malaysia and trying a taste of their new plant-based menu!

The new menu features a variety of mouthwatering food like plant-based burger with shiitake mushroom and fries (RM12.90), plant-based schnitzel with mustard dill sauce, fries and mixed vegetables (RM9.90) as well as plant-based fishless fingers (RM6.90) for the kid's menu.

There's even a vegetarian alternative to their signature meatballs, which comes in the form of vegetarian balls with pasta in tomato sauce and mixed vegetables (RM7.90). The menu also comes with cheaper and simpler snacks like croissant, salad and burrito wraps for a quick and easy meal.

The all-new plant-based menu is said to be part of IKEA Malaysia's effort to make healthy and sustainable food for affordable and appealing to customers. If you're interested to check out these items, you'd better hurry because they're only available at these prices until 31 October!


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