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Ikea and Lego Collaboration To Arrive In Malaysia Next Month

Ikea and Lego fans in Malaysia can finally rejoice now after the Swedish furniture company announced that the BYGGLEK collection will be available in Malaysian stores in March.

The collection will come in three white storage boxes that can be randomly stacked and arranged for display or storage purposes.

Credits: IKEA

The BYGGLEK collection is meant to encourage users to be creative in their designs as the Lego structure allows them to recreate their sculptures as they wish. The flexible design style also adds on to the practicality of the product as users can just stack the boxes together for easy cleaning and organising.

In order to ensure this collection appeals to adults and children, Ikea has also curated a 201-piece Lego collection of bricks, mini-figures, and food items in a variety of colours so children can enjoy the BYGGLEK collection as well.

Although it is unclear how much this collection will cost, some have estimated the price to be around RM45.79 after conversion based on the price that was listed on Ikea Singapore’s website.

And that’s not all, Malaysian Ikea fans can also get their hands on Ikea and Byredo’s OSYNLIG candle collection starting today! According to KL Foodie, the much anticipated collaboration between Ikea and the luxury fragrance company features a range of 13 scented candles at a very affordable price tag from RM24.90.

Credits: KL Foodie

But do note that the OSYNLIG collection is limited, so fans better hurry before the candles burn out!


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