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"If You Have An Appointment For Booster Dose, Take It", Msia's Covid-19 R-nought Up To 1.0 Again

Credit: Yahoo News Malaysia

We understand that there is finally freedom to go out and about again, but if you do go out, please be responsible enough to follow SOPs and social distance as the R-nought of Covid-19 infections in Malaysia has made is way up to 1.0 again. The R-nought or R0 is an indicator of how fast the disease is spreading, a value higher than 1.0 indicates the number of people getting infected will increase over time if the current situation continues.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin brought the matter to Twitter and wrote, “We are monitoring hospital admissions and other leading indicators. If you have been given an appointment for a booster dose, take it. The elderly, where possible, should avoid crowded places.”

Unfortunately, figures that were shared in his Twitter post show that Putrajaya ranked the highest among states and Federal Territories with 1.16, while KL follows closely behind with 1.04, Selangor with 1.03, and Kelantan with 1.02. Meanwhile, the lowest recordings were Sarawak (0.87), Perak (0.88), Terengganu (0.90) and Labuan with no records due to low number of daily infections.

Please stay safe and continue to follow SOPs before things get out of hand yet again!


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