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"I Know You're Busy On Your Wedding Now, But Please Respect Your Job", Msian Boss Berates Employee

We've heard some pretty outrageous and rude employers revealed within the past few years, but this story just takes the cherry on top. According to a post by Facebook page MCN 亚娱, there were screenshots of the conversation between an employee and the CEO of an unnamed company.

The conversation that was shown in the post revealed the employer's nasty side, asking why the result of the week was so terrible. "Why this week result so bad? Hello!! Reply NOW. Where da hell are you now? You thought on leave no need to care your job isit?" read the CEO's message.

Sadly, it is quite common for employers to expect employees to continue working even when they are on leave, even thought that defeats the purpose of a "leave". We then see the employee reply to the CEO named Ryan, "Sorry Ryan, I will push harder to improve the number."

Ryan doesn't end berating the poor employee, he wrote: "What do you mean push harder? How push? So what is the solution now??? I need solution!" The CEO was not having it after his employee replied with a "Will follow up old lead first", Ryan went all out to insult the employee by saying "You got brain right? Got use your brain to think or not?"

Credit: MCN 亚娱

If you think that is the end to it, you're wrong. The next part of the screenshots showed Ryan requesting his employee to react faster to his messages, and even interjected a very familiar line to many employees "Else we pay you for what." Apparently, the employee took a wedding leave, and it was totally reasonable for him/ her not to reply. The CEO of the unnamed company had the audacity to add in "I know you're busy on your wedding right now, but PLEASE RESPECT YOUR JOB!"

The Facebook post garnered about 2.4k comments and 5.9k shares as of writing. Many netizens shared their personal experiences with horrible bosses, some even said that bosses would make them work even when they were sick.

What are some of your bad experiences with horrible employers?


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