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‘I Got Family’: Hilarious Fast And Furious Memes Are Taking Over The Internet

It’s been a while since we poked fun at the ridiculousness of the ‘Fast and Furious’ storyline, especially at how much the characters are willing to put up with in every movie, all for the sake of “family”. But apparently, we aren’t the only ones who have had enough with Dominic Toretto and his family.

The latest ‘F9’ film in the franchise has seen a resurgence in memes centred around the film’s strong family values. And just like Vin Diesel and his resilient team of family in every movie, this time, the memes are coming back stronger than ever.

From facing Thanos to battling Lightning McQueen, and practically every scenario imaginable, fans on Twitter are pouring all their creative juices into making the best “I got family” memes. Here are some of the highlights:

“Thanos is strong but not as strong as family” : Vin Diesel — Shivam (@ShivamChatak) July 5, 2021
So that's what happened to Lightning Mcqueen — Cursed Animation tweets (@CursedAniFrames) July 5, 2021
I'm about to send my gf like 20 Dom family memes ending on this one — Stanley Williams (@snare_x) July 5, 2021
Family… — my uncle’s meme stash (@myunclesmemes) July 5, 2021
Vin Diesel in John Wick universe. — Shivam (@ShivamChatak) July 5, 2021
The Vin Diesel memes are actually killing me, Fast & Furious is really the gift that keeps on giving — Luce 🌸 (@LucePlaysPS5) July 5, 2021

These are probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possible concepts of family in the Fast and Furious Cinematic Universe. If anything, this should be a testament to how big this film franchise has grown, and how much they need to stop.

At this rate, dare I say that if Dom and his family were to exist in real-life, they could probably end this pandemic once and for all, for family.


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