• Jonathan Shiek

Husband Gifts Wife ‘Gold Bars’ That Turned Out To Be Chicken Stock Cubes

It was not too long ago when couples everywhere were racking their brains over what to get for their significant other on Valentine’s Day. But maybe instead of chocolates and flowers, we can all learn from this man in Kedah who managed to gift his wife a tasty treat that is memorable, affordable and practical.

Facebook user Junairah Ab Rahman recently shared about how her husband had surprised her with not one, but two red jewelry boxes filled with tiny gold bars that seemed to be worth quite a fortune. Only upon closer inspection did she realise that the “gold bars” turned out to be none other than chicken stock cubes!

Lucky for her witty husband, Junairah seemed to share his sense of humour and managed to get a good laugh out of the situation, much like all the people who commented on her viral post that has since gotten over 1700 shares on Facebook.

In fact, the surprise seemed like it worked in Junairah’s favour after all as she captioned her post, “This is what happens when the husband understands the wife’s taste and interest completely”, showing that sometimes, the most appreciated gifts are the practical ones.


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