• Jonathan Shiek

HUAWEI May Be Working On A Dual Screen Smartphone

HUAWEI released a prototype of a new dual screen designed smartphone and people are starting to speculate the specs and release date! The new device didn’t seem to look like the usual foldable smartphone design, but there’s an additional display on the back which allows it to stand out from the rest!

According to the leaked images, we can see a dual punch hole camera on the top left of the display with a quad curved display design on the front display. At the rear side of the smartphone, there is a little rectangular display that is not fully stretched with the quad camera at the top of a periscopic lens for better optical zoom purposes.

The small display will show information like the time, date, weather forecast, battery power, applications notifications, and may be used as your viewfinder too! So far, images prove that the prototype looks pretty sleek and cool, but we won’t know how the actual smartphone will look until HUAWEI releases more details.

When do you think HUAWEI will properly announce the specs and release date?


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