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How To Get Google To Quit Stalking You

In return for using Google’s apps and services, everyone has to allow some amount of information about ourselves. Here are some settings to toggle if you want to limit the amount of data Google collects about you. In other words, here’s how to give less info to Google so you stop getting attacked by targeted ads.

The kind of keywords we use on search engines, the locations we visit, and even the videos we choose to watch—all these add up and allows Google to build a profile on each of us.

Manage data and personalisation If you use Google’s Chrome browser and apps on default settings, it means that you’ve allowed Google to gather data on your location, what you search for and watch on YouTube, as well as your voice and audio activity. Here are three simple steps to revoke some of these permissions:

Open your Google account page at

Select Data & Personalisation > Activity Controls

Disable data collection for selected activities

Remember to turn off Web and App Activity in addition to Location History because some Google apps still store timestamped location data in the background.

Avoid ad targeting As explained in its privacy policy, Google and its partners use information about your browsing habits to show you targeted ads. You can keep Google from doing this by switching off Ad personalisation, also within the Data & Personalisation page. Bear in mind that in doing so, you may still receive ads, but those ads may be entirely random and have no relevance to you.

Fun fact: if you click on Go to ad settings, you can view what Google has already deduced about you, including your age range and personal interests. See how eerily accurate Google can get! You may even learn something about yourself.

Clean out your history and cache, or wipe your Google account

Clear out your browsing history and cache (History > Clear browsing data), although keep in mind that this will temporarily slow down the speed at which pages load, and you may have to input your passwords again when accessing certain websites.

Privacy and convenience are trade-offs, but by running through your privacy settings with a fine-comb, you can still enjoy the best of both worlds.

Source article: Govtech Singapore

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