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How To Exercise When You’re On Your Period

I know, I know, period + exercise really don’t go well together and you’re probably questioning yourself as to why you clicked into this article. Let’s just say, I am really proud of you for taking this first step. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean a full on HIIT workout or a complete circuit that you have to achieve, it just means moving your body and keeping your heart rate up.

5 Ways to Make Period Cramps Go Away

Unusually, when you’re going through period cramps, it is actually advised to go for a hike or do mild exercises. Now, why is that?

Just one word, endorphins! Endorphins are brain chemicals with pain-relieving, pleasure inducing properties. By exercising, your body releases endorphins called beta-endorphins which is pretty effective at relieving pain. Not only that, by moving your body, it will decrease inflammation, improve blood flow, and increase your energy level over time!

If your next question is, “But how do I get myself to start moving when I feel so sluggish,” then continue reading below.

Don’t go for exercises you dread doing like CrossFit, unfamiliar workouts, or high-intensity ones. Go for those that you already like, whether it’s yoga, pilates, hiking, cycling, the list goes on! You can even go on YouTube to just check out on some light stretches or Zumba choreos that you could work on.

Another way to motivate you to workout during period is by focusing on the benefits! There are so many things you can benefit out of this, like pain relief, feeling proactive, being in control of your health, feeling more body positive, etc. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, push yourself to do something.


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