• Jonathan Shiek

How To Avoid Getting Mask Acne

Mask acne is a real thing and it’s stressing everyone out! Changing up your daily skincare routine just isn’t good enough to keep the mask acne at bay. 

Clean and Change Your Mask Regularly

As simple as it is, just cleaning your cloth masks regularly can make a huge difference in your complexion. Don’t re-wear them after a long day of being out! Wearing them a couple of hours is enough to build up sweat, dust, and dirt all over the mask. If you’re wearing disposable ones, change them regularly. Prices of disposable masks are much lower than the beginning of the pandemic, so go stock up some fresh new ones to avoid mask acne from appearing.

Don’t Pick The Pimples

Those with the itchy hands, stay away from picking at the pimples! It can cause inflammation and scarring when you pick at it. Not only that, popping them can also spread the bacteria from the infected areas to surrounding pores on the face!

Moisturize Frequently

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