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How Sturdy Is The Olympics ‘Anti-Sex Bed’? Athletes Rush To Test It Out

You’ve probably come across the hilarious memes making fun of the cardboard-made “anti-sex” beds that are provided to athletes at the Tokyo Olympics Village to prevent them from sleeping with each other, and to promote sustainability as the cardboard can be recycled after use.

The bed is said to only be able to support the weight of one single adult, but netizens have been questioning its practicality, especially since Olympic athletes can weigh very differently depending on the sports they’re competing in.

Well now that athletes from various countries are finally arriving in Tokyo, many of them have excitedly took to social media to share videos of them testing out the sturdiness of the Olympic beds.

In American volleyball player Erik Shoji’s TikTok, fellow teammate Taylor Sander, who’s 196cm tall and reportedly weighs 80kg, was seen jumping on the cardboard bed several times across different areas and surprisingly, the bed remains as sturdy as ever.


Reply to @hesitantlocal beds are Taylor thief in the night approved #olympics #tokyo2020 #tokyo2021 @taylorsander3

♬ original sound – Erik Shoji

In another video, Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan also tried jumping up and down on the “anti-sex bed” to find out if the bed would truly break at any sudden movement, but that turned out to be fake news.

“Anti-sex” beds at the Olympics — Rhys Mcclenaghan (@McClenaghanRhys) July 18, 2021

But not everyone is lucky enough to get a durable bed. In a TikTok video, Kiwi rower Shaun Kirkham demonstrated the bed’s flimsiness by sitting down at the edge of the bed. Immediately, the cardboard legs of the bed dipped and bent under the weight of the 84kg rower.


😂 what cardboard beds? #olympics #olympians #rowers #cardboard #fyp

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Like all things, maybe the sturdiness of the cardboard beds is a matter of luck as well. Though for the sake of the athletes, I hope these beds are comfortable enough so they remain well-rested for the games.

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