• Jonathan Shiek

Hot Showers Vs Cold Showers: Which Is Better For You?

It is common for Malaysians to enjoy taking cold refreshing showers, especially with the hot and humid weather we have in our country. But did you know that taking hot and cold showers have different effects on your skin?

While cold showers are a great way for you to kickstart your day feeling energized, taking a nice warm shower at the end of the day can relax your body and relief muscle tension. Hot showers can also help to open and soften the pores on your skin for cleansing and unclogging of the pores. And if you are down with a cold, try taking a hot shower and allow the steam to thin out the mucus in your nose to temporarily relieve a blocked nose.

On the other hand, cold showers help to close pores and prevent dirt from entering them. Cold showers also work wonders for your hair as the cold water helps to tighten the scalp and improve hair strength. If you have a minor muscle injury, a cold shower might be a great remedy to reduce inflammation and boost muscle recovery, not to mention the coolness would act as a great source for pain relief.

But be careful if you struggle with acne problems, because although hot showers help with unclogging pores, they can also trigger your skin to secrete more sebum (oil), resulting in the formation of acne. Therefore, if you have acne problems, it would be best to take cold showers to prevent your skin from further breaking out.

As for those of you who struggle with insomnia, try taking a warm shower before entering a cool bedroom as it is believed that this would help to lower your body temperature, heart rate and breathing, effectively signaling your body that it is time to rest.


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