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Hosted By Usher And Others, CBS’ New Reality Show Forces Activists To Compete To Promote Causes

Credits: Deadline

It seems like any topic can easily become a premise for a reality show these days. The latest “brilliant” reality show idea is none other than ‘The Activist’, a five-week competition series that features six activists going head-to-head to compete for the chance to promote their choice of health, environmental or educational causes.

Launched by American broadcasting network CBS, ‘The Activist’ is produced by Global Citizen, and co-hosted by Usher, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Julianne Hough. “The activists will compete in missions, media stunts, digital campaigns and community events aimed at garnering the attention of the world’s most powerful decision-makers, demanding action, now,” said the network’s press release.

Since the show was unveiled on Thursday (9 September), it quickly went viral on social media, for all the wrong reasons. Although the network claimed the show to be a series that will “make you want to get up and change the world”, Twitter thinks otherwise. Apart from accusations of performative activism and Oppression Olympics, netizens are furious at the show for exploiting activism and pitting charity causes against each other.

That’s not all, the process of determining the winner seems to be equally problematic considering that activists will be judged based on online engagement, social metrics and the hosts’ input. Imagine losing the opportunity to promote your campaign because you didn’t get enough Instagram likes as the other competitor, sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

As of now, ‘The Activist’ is scheduled to premiere on 22 October. What are your thoughts about this reality show?


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