• Jonathan Shiek

Honda To Release Vibrating GPS Device In Shoes For Visually Impaired People

Through the startup Ashirase, Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda is working on a new GPS device called the “in-shoe navigation system” that could revolutionise daily navigation tasks for visually impaired individuals. This device, which can be attached to any kind of shoes, would be able to guide the wearer to their desired location through vibration pulses.

Before embarking on their journey, the wearer can use a smartphone app to send the information of their destination to the in-shoe navigation system. The device comes equipped with multiple vibrating points to inform the wearer on where they should be heading.

For example, the device would vibrate in the front part to tell you when you need to go straight. Similarly, if you need to turn left or right, the device would vibrate on the left or right side to indicate your direction. The device even has specific vibrations to warn you if you ever make a wrong turn.

By using vibration points, this invention ensures that users will still be able to pay attention to important sounds like traffic light and road crossing signals. The device, which fits snugly on your shoes, also does not get in the way of a walking cane, which makes it super user-friendly.

For now, it’s said that the device would be released by the first quarter of 2023, but if you ask me, this invention definitely can’t come soon enough.


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